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 If you’ve come here, you’re interested in the Freecad program. You do not know exactly what Freecad is ? It is one of the best Open Source 3D CAD programs available on the most popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS). It is a fully parametric modeler similar in functionality to such programs as Inventor, Solid Works or Catia. With it, you can create simple 2D drawings, as well as complex models of entire objects or devices, and even buildings. It is difficult to list all of its applications, because there are a number of additions, that increase its basic skills. Would you like to get to know Freecad better ? I invite you to my course presenting its basic application and features.


Who is this course for ?


 All. Both people who have never used this program, as well as those who already have some experience and want to consolidate and broaden their knowledge. The course focuses on the most important issues, simple examples and is limited to the graphical interface of program, so that everyone can deal with it.


Course materials


• 32 instructional videos. In total, almost 6 hours of video material focused on the most important and specific issues. A sample movies can be seen here: Video1, Video2 and promo video here: Video.

• PDF file describing, commenting and supplementing films.

• Packages of files that were used during the course.



List of issues that were included in the course

1. Freecad environment

 1.1. Navigation

 1.2. Panels and toolbars

 1.3. Parts – properties, shifts, rotations

 1.4. Settings and preferences

2. Sketcher.

 2.1. Sketcher creating, editing and mapping


 2.2. Sketcher geometries

 2.3. Sketcher constraints

 2.4. Sketcher tools

 2.5. Sketcher examples

3. Part Design

4. Part

 4.1. Part primitives

 4.2. Part tools

 4.3. Part boolean

 4.4. Part measure

5. Draft

 5.1. Draft creation tools

 5.2. Draft modification tools

 5.3. Draft snap

 5.4. Draft working plane, construction mode

6. Drawing

7. Additional workbenches

8. Examples

9. Changes and additional features in version 0.17

 9.1. General changes

 9.2. Sketcher

 9.3. Part Design

 9.4. Part

 9.5. Draft

 9.6. Other workbenches

 The course was created for version 0.16 and contains an additional section about the changes in the latest version 0.17 (which was released in April this year). The new version mainly extends the capabilities of Freecad with new functions. Appearance and navigation have not changed much.



What will I be able to do after the course ?

 After the course you should master the most important workbenches, efficiently navigate the graphical interface of the program and be able to perform simple 2D and 3D projects.


About me

 I have been using Freecad since about 4 years. I have a popular YouTube channel with Freecad and Librecad tutorials: freecadscourse, which has positive feedback from viewers. Here are some of the comments posted.


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Thank you very much x share! The tutorial is hypnotic !!!! Geniuses! Thank you !!!!! I learned a lot …

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Excellent as always. Super! Continue to create similar videos.


Are you interested ?

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